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Removing custom property sheet with uninstall profile

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This is confusing for at least two reasons:
  • We have both "old style" and "new style" technologies actively in use. Old style refers to Extensions/ (Python code) and new style refers to profiles/default (GS XML + Python code).
  • Successfully installing and uninstalling add-ons in all possible cases still requires the use of both old and new style technologies.

If you don't care about uninstall, you never need to use Extensions/ If you do care about uninstall, create an Extensions/ with install and uninstall methods. Also create an "uninstall" profile (in addition to the "default" profile) e.g. profiles/uninstall. Configure the Extensions/ method to execute your "normal" profiles/default steps on installation. Now comes the "fun" part.
Because some technologies can be uninstalled "properly" via GS i.e. they respect the remove=True parameter, your Extensions/ method should execute the "proper" GS profiles to do the uninstall. But if your add-on uses technologies that cannot be uninstalled "properly" via GS i.e. those that do not respect the remove=True parameter, then you will need to write Python code to perform the uninstall.
for more information.


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